Bedlam Productions / Far Films

Don't miss Zaytoun's regional tour in conjunction with Showcase cinemas.

Calling at:

Showcase - BLUEWATER - Monday 21st Jan
Showcase Cinema de Lux - BRISTOL - Tuesday 22nd Jan
Showcase Cinema de Lux -  LEICESTER - Wednesday 23rd Jan
Showcase - LEEDS - Monday 28th Jan
Showcase - MANCHESTER - Tuesday 29th Jan

The producer Gareth Ellis-Unwin will be at the screenings and doing a live Q&A session after each screening. Tickets are available here.


Zaytoun is the story of Yoni and Fahed, two exiles from a divided land. When Yoni - an Israeli fighter pilot - is shot down over Lebanon, he must enlist the help of Fahed - an angry young Palestinian - in his attempt to reach safety. Together they travel through a hostile country, struggling with their mutual hate and dependency, as they both search for their own idea of home.

Gareth produces alongside Fred Ritzenberg of Far Films. Award-winning Israeli director Eran Riklis (Lemon Tree, The Syrian Bride) helms the script from first-time Palestinian writer Nader Rizq.

With Stephen Dorff taking the lead, Zaytoun shot in Israel in April 2012 made its World Premiere at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, where it was selected as a 'Special Presentation'. Zaytoun recieved runner-up in the prestigious Audience Award at TIFF.